Monday, June 24, 2019
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Welcome to Design Vision

Design Vision produces and synergically combines Video, 3D Animations and Motion Graphics. Creative digital frontiers are constantly changing. Today's Design Vision is expanding into innovative areas with HD video and internet delivery. Design Vision's experience in producing photorealistic illustrations, animations and virtual reality, are enhanced with today's multiple media distribution outlets.

Design Vision is highly qualified to produce your digital and multimedia needs for sales support and technical/conceptual clarification.

Give us a call or email us, to find how we can meet your needs.

AstraZeneca: :: Introduction to AstraZeneca's Biotech Laboratory

AstraZeneca Biotech Laboratory
Det här är en presentation av vad det nya laboratoriet skulle producera. Jag har gjort all 3D grafik och tog bort den gamla Astra loggan från människornas kläder i den aktuella filmen.

Animation Demo :: Some older work and projects

Animation Demo
Mitt först demo band. Det här visar en variation av mina animationskunskaper. Jag har gjort all 3D grafik och intro rörelsegrafik. Jag har bara gjort 3D bakgrund grafik på den Björn Borg Awards video.