Monday, June 24, 2019
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Welcome to Design Vision

Design Vision produces and synergically combines Video, 3D Animations and Motion Graphics. Creative digital frontiers are constantly changing. Today's Design Vision is expanding into innovative areas with HD video and internet delivery. Design Vision's experience in producing photorealistic illustrations, animations and virtual reality, are enhanced with today's multiple media distribution outlets.

Design Vision is highly qualified to produce your digital and multimedia needs for sales support and technical/conceptual clarification.

Give us a call or email us, to find how we can meet your needs.

Vem var Jesus? - Who was Jesus? from Douglas Parker on Vimeo.

This video idea started when a couple paragraphs of text, were given to me. They somehow needed to be animated. The color palette is designed to match a Swedish book called "100 dagar med Jesus", which means 100 days with Jesus. I then entered the given text into and created the basic layout and saved it as a “.ps” or post script file. I took the file into illustrator and made a few changes. I then exported the file as a PDF and brought it into After Effects. I used the Sure Target 2, plug-in by to control most of the camera movement. Marcus Nielsen did the sound design, with some Andy Hunter background music.